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Never Trust a Piskie - Soft Cover Book

Never Trust a Piskie - Soft Cover Book

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The third instalment in the Cornish Legends Series 

The next instalment in the Cornish legends series, discover a mythical creature that hasn't been seen in 500 years.

Sam stood on the top of the cliff, the waves beneath clashed with the rock, causing the smell of salt and seaweed to be thrown upwards. With his eyes closed and the wind pushing past him, hurrying onto the land behind him, in a race away from the angry seas, he could almost imagine what it was like to be the only person there.

Turning his face landward and opening his eyes, he could see a stream of walkers struggling up the cliff path towards him. He wasn’t alone, in fact far from it. It was autumn, there was a chill in the air, but the sun was still strong, fooling unsuspecting visitors into thinking their travels would be a gentler affair.

Suitable for five years plus

Made in United Kingdom

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